Project Description

Cash Bag Sealer

What if you could save money by making your routes for cash pick-ups faster and more efficient?

CPI’s latest innovation for retail safes is the Cash Bag Sealer device. No other cash storage product offers a unique, off-the-shelf solution that makes deposits faster, safer, and more convenient.

Our Cash Bag Sealer device offers solutions to many issues CITs face when managing cash pick-ups:

  • Increases route efficiency by reducing in-store
    pickup time by 20% with our fast sealing

  • Simple bag design that installs in under
    10 seconds

  • Error-proof bag sealing saves time and
    eliminates wasted bags

  • Eliminates unplanned or premature pick ups
    with bag full sensor


Increase Security

  • Double sealing line with bag
    type profiling rough software

  • Bag Fill level sensor ensures
    there are no notes between
    sealing bars

  • Unique HEX-shape bag mounting
    mechanism minimizes wrinkles
    on sealing line

Save Costs

  • System design allows use of
    cost effective bags with security

  • No cassette maintenance costs
    with bag solution

Stack Quality

  • Pre-Stack module to collect and
    drop cash formed in small piles

  • Bag design optimized for
    banknote dimensions

Save Time

  • Fast HEX-shaped bag closing
    mechanism with optimized
    sealing algorithm.

  • Simple bag installation



  • Height (device only) 230 mm
  • Height (With 1500 bag) 575 mm
  • Height (With 3000 bag) 785 mm
  • Width 212 mm
  • Depth 448 mm

Power supply

  • 24VDC 10A max.


  • USB

Tamper Evident Seal

  • 100% seal with dual sealing lines

Bag Cost

  • < €0.60

Stack Integrity

  • Semi-Stacked

Sealing Cycle

  • < 1 minute
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