Project Description

h² nano™ Hopper

The h² nano coin hopper provides superior coin pay-out reliability and additional manipulation protection to ensure applications are more reliable and profitable. This hopper has a payout speed of 9 coins per second keeping transaction times to a minimum.

Four ‘plug and play’ bowl sizes are available (S,M,L,X) and an intuitive traffic light system informs users of status and error diagnosis.


Superior Reliability

Optimized manipulation protection through an infrared barrier system. Accepts coins and tokens independent of coin surface

Over 2 million coins payout

Automatic error detection and anti-jam function

Optional empty and full recognition sensors

High performance

9 coins per second payout

Higher security through optional encrypted ccTalk communications

Simple installation and set-up

Service-friendly with easy mounting and disassembly by plug in/out on separate fixing plate

Front service cover provides easy access to machine interface intuitive traffic light status indication

Plug & play direct connector


Range of bowl sizes S,M,L,X for different coin capacities

Payout last coin


Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
  •  154mm x 131mm x 116mm for small hopper. See variants for other dimensions
Coin Processing
Coin Capacity
  •  M = 440 x €1 coins
  •  L = 530 x €1 coins
  •  X = 710 x €1 coins
Cascading Functionality
  •  Yes, can be stacked
Coin Payout
  •  9 coins per second
Interfaces Supported
  •  Parallel 24 V DC, Serial 24 V DC
Operating Temperature
  •  5°C to 50°C
Operating Voltage (V)
  •  24 V


Hopper Bowls

The capacity is defined by shape and depth of the hopper bowl

  • h² nano M – medium capacity for e.g. approx. 440 €1 coins
  • h² nano L – large capacity for e.g. approx. 530 €1 coins
  • h² nano X – extra-large capacity for e.g. approx. 710 €1 coins


Configuration Tools (h2 nano)

HopperTalk PC application for configuring ccTalk hoppers

Mounting Brackets (h2 nano)

  • with spigots
  • with large base plate

System Integrators (h2 nano)

  • Payment Manager program library for serial payment systems
  • NRIHIDAPI.dll program library for serial payment systems

Test Tools (h2 nano)

HopperTalk PC application for testing coin payout of ccTalk hoppers