April 2017

Classification & Indexing Solution

A midlands based BPO company has installed the Cognitronics Intelligent Classification Solution into their business to automate the sortation and extract key business data from incoming physical mail and email including attachments.  The solution was installed in a phased approach as there were tight deadlines.  Now fully functional, business efficiencies are being enjoyed ensuring SLA’s [...]

Classification & Indexing Solution2024-03-25T17:45:13+00:00

Bespoke Application

A BPO company has chosen Cognitronics to install a solution at one of their satellite offices based in our capital.  Developed specifically for this client, incoming documentation are scanned at the satellite site, uploaded and process at our clients head office for onward processing.  The solution is both a scanning and software package where the [...]

Bespoke Application2017-07-12T15:51:45+01:00

Payment Processing Solution

A UK Utilities provider has chosen Cognitronics to replace the incumbent supplier with a Payment Processing Solution to process their incoming Cheque & Remittance, Giro, Credit Card and Direct Debit payments.  During project scoping it became clear other areas of the business could be automated within the same solution which in turn added even further [...]

Payment Processing Solution2017-04-10T15:17:01+01:00

Enterprise Email Management System

Following on from our successful Email Conversion Solution, an enterprise edition is being developed.  The product will have the functionality to automatically receive emails and their attachments and convert to pdf or multipage tiff files as standard with the ability to process multiple email accounts simultaneously.  The solution will also have option modules to add [...]

Enterprise Email Management System2017-04-10T15:05:27+01:00
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