With the Gryphon™ coin changer, CPI presents the next generation of coin handling technology for vending payment systems. This is the first of its kind to be equipped for connectivity and mobile diagnostics. Incorporating the latest technology in coin recognition with the best design elements from the CPI coin portfolio, Gryphon is equipped for improved reliability and lower cost of ownership.

Think fast and secure with this coin changer as it can dispense up to 6 coins at once, enabling faster patron throughput. The intelligent algorithms automatically detect the best coin distribution to minimize exact change situations. Offer effective cash management with this coin changer and minimize your cost of ownership.


Faster Coin Acceptance. Next generation, patented coin sensing technology ensures industry-leading speed and more secure coin recognition and dispensing

Increased reliability. Three motors ensure increased reliability and continuous performance, even in the case of a jammed motor

More tube capacity. 6 tubes provide operators with 12% extra capacity, enhanced configuration options, and increased flexibility

Easy updates and configuration. USB connectivity reduces at-machine update time

CPI Synq™ module compatibility. Wireless, on-site, mobile connectivity with the payment system to enable at-machine diagnostics, troubleshooting, and configuration for a reduction in service calls and higher machine up-time


Number of Tubes

  • 6 tubes

Coin Diameter

  • Coins 15mm – 33mm in diameter

Coin Thickness

  • Coins 1.2mm – 3.3mm thick

Input speed

  • 2 coins per second

Output Speed

  • 6 coins per second

Interfaces Supported

  • Serial: MDB, MDB + Executive, MDB + BDV, JVI/VCCI, USB, Executive

Operating Temperature

  • -25°C to 60°C

Power Requirements

  • 12 V DC – 24 V DC = Executive, 34 V DC = MDB

Tube/coin Level Recognition System

  • Acoustic, Sonar

Support Tools

  • STS Software
  • CPI Synq


  • USB, IrDA, Bluetooth

Acceptance Rate

  • >95%

Dimensions (mm)

  • 371 x 138 x 80 mm


G1: Payment Master

  • Full audit capability
  • Closed site payment
  • Configuration via USB and PC
  • Sonar tube measurement with auto-float

G2-B: Change Manager

  • IrDa
  • Configuration via USB and PC
  • Sonar tube measurement with autofloat

G2-X: Coin Changer

  • Standard tube level sensing
  • Sonar tube measurement (no autofloat)
  • Configurable via PC only


CPI Synq

Eliminate unneccesary service calls and reduce downtime with CPI Synq—the vending industry’s first cash hardware connectivity solution. This mobile connectivity module communicates live payment system data via the Simplifi mobile app to help operators track and monitor device health.

Providing powerful insights into the payment system, Synq is the key to eliminating unnecesary technician visits by instantly identifying commonly misunderstood payment device problems.

When paired with the Simplifi mobile app, Synq allows users to use step-by-step troubleshooting and videos to help repair payment devices without the help of a technician. This internal connectivity solution is compatible with Gryphon, Talos, and the Simplifi mobile app.