Data information is essential to every business sector, large or small: correspondence, invoice, orders, personal records………. data types goes on.
Information coming into the business can be paper, email, fax, website, all of which requires entry into key business systems.

Manual Processes a problem?

Commonly information coming into the business is manually processed into the company’s key business systems. This can be prone to errors, time consuming, costly rectifying errors, and not forgetting how many times a single document type is touched from entry to the business through to information placed into the company business systems.

Can Data Capture Solutions Help?

Most definitely. Automation for incoming data, irrelevant of the document type or means of entry into the business, data capture software ensures information is accurate before seamless entry into key business systems.

Do you know what information your business holds?

All of our Data Capture Solutions benefit from retrieval for customer or business queries, searchable from data extracted.
Likewise, and importantly to assist with the business to be GDPR compliant.


All of our solutions extract and recognise content, therefore the systems know what is an invoice, what is payment details, what is stored against a person, all with different storage periods to comply with GDPR retention rules. To assist with being complaint, our systems can, if required, housekeep according to the GDPR retention period for that particular document type.


AnyForm is a powerful system that processes ALL incoming media types, with easy onboarding of new clients.

AnyForm could very well be the single solution you require to process all types of business documentation.

Automatic and seamless import of images, files, email including attachments, web forms, cloud repositories, fax etc. Identifies all content, classifies according to defined rules, extracts crucial information and imports into key business systems. An ideal solution for mailrooms and incoming emails due to the many types of correspondence received into the business.

We do not claim to automate this process 100% however real time experience shows a range of 50% and 90% that go through the system without user intervention. The remaining unclassified items are passed to the User to select the next most likely classification from a drop-down list.

All of our products are customised to a level, however we do find we are called upon to develop solutions 100% from initial ideas or labour intensive tasks, resulting in providing a solution that meets specific business requirements.

We take pride in getting to understand the issues and the journey we both take in finding and designing an efficient solution for the business.

Invoice Extraction is a cost-effective solution that automatically extracts key information from the Header, Totals, VAT etc via different media formats using NON-TEMPLATE methods.

Accurate capture developed to your exact requirements, Invoice Extraction vastly reduces the task of manual keying leaving your skilled users time for other business tasks.

Payment Processing Solutions are based on our CogniScan platform designed to extract information from Cheques & Remittance, often once scanned with no user intervention.
This solution eradicates the manual task of add-listing and manually looking for discrepancies.

Paying the correct amount into the correct account is of paramount importance to any company, this is achieved by using validation on all key data areas.

Voucher Redemption Solutions extract information from the claim, reads the claim vouchers and reconciles. Once scanned often with no user intervention other than the claims that do not balance (over claim or under claim) which are presented to the user for quick and efficient correction.

Efficiencies are evident with claim passing through our solutions 100% accurate, highlighting claims that do not match the total value of the vouchers.
One statistic which we are particularly proud of is we have clients vouchers being read with only 0.01% being presented to the user for correction resulting with the remainder with zero user intervention.

Businesses accept BACS payments, however it can be a tedious task when matching the bank BACS file, as well as paper statements against the internal accounts system.
BACS Reconciliation has been designed to reconcile outstanding monies against what has come into the business.

Often client reference fields within the BACS file differ from the reference on the business systems, we cater for this by utilising learning dictionaries. Once referenced against each other the next time the payment is received, more often than not is automated.

If your business receives page or pages of listings which are currently manually keyed into your systems, Multiline Extraction may be the solution to automate this manual, time consuming task by extracting columns of data and if applicable verifying against the totals.

Multiline Extraction can be a standalone product, alternatively can be an addition process within CiCS, BACS & Payment processing.

One of our clients often receives 50 page listings with what previously took 12 hours to key, validate and cross referenced, Multiline Extraction now performs this task with 100% no user intervention with 100% accuracy.

Two products fall under PDF Conversion:
• Recognise & Overlay – import images and/or emails, convert to PDF providing an overlay of OCR and images. The OCR can be searchable via a retrieval function if required.
• Conversion – this is run as a service with no operator intervention required. Seamlessly importing emails including attachments and converting to PDF for archiving or for onward processing.

A powerful and useful process providing searchable text over unlimited page. Can be ran as a service with no user intervention, alternatively can be modified to allow a user to add & verify key fields.

Email Conversion is a service requiring zero user intervention. Operating as a background task converting emails and their attachments catering for all file extension possibilities.

This solution has the ability to Auto Reply to the sender with a meaningful response derived from the content of the original email received.