• Invoices arriving via email are automatically imported including attachments

  • Paper invoices are scanned and imported

  • Highly accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will identify all relevant data on the invoice, e.g. date, invoice number, values etc

  • The software ‘learns’ as it works, requiring fewer manual operator interventions in time

Captured invoice data can be sent direct to your accounts package, alternatively placed on your network for your systems to ‘pull’ the data.
Retrieval via captured information such as invoice number can be performed in the Retrieval Function which will provide all captured data as well as the associated image(s).


Assurances that you will not be bombarded with follow up calls our continued mailshots as we work to a no hard sell policy, we let the demonstrations do the talking and if you are interested, we will provide further information. Please make contact for a chat or to have a no obligation demonstration at a location of your preference.