We do not claim to automate this process 100% however real time experience shows a range between 73% and 94% going through the system without User intervention. The remaining unclassified items are passed to the User to select the next most likely classification from a drop-down list, a task that takes seconds.

Again, from real life experience a manual decision typically takes 50 seconds to recognise content and classify (not to mention routing, reporting and archiving). CiCS classifies to a high percentage seamlessly with the remaining items taking approximately 11 seconds due to the system giving the next most likely classification. Now your items have been classified, indexed and routed, you are now able to generate reports and archive for retrieval at a later date.

CiCS in a nutshell:

  • Saves manual time in classifying transactions freeing your Operators to perform other business critical activities
  • Archive/Retrieval and Reporting functions
  • Adhere to GDPR retention periods specific to document type/content
  • You have control of the Classification: the product has been designed to allow you the client the ability to create or tune the classification process. We do offer professional services when needed but encourage the User to have a hands-on approach keeping your costs contained.
  • CiCS can also index via content such as reference number, account number or whatever index is required.

Benefits are clear and ROI of this automated process as well as subsidiary benefits such as Reports and Archive/Retrieval. The quick ROI coupled with the offer of payment options gives this product a good business case to most businesses.


Assurances that you will not be bombarded with follow up calls our continued mailshots as we work to a no hard sell policy, we let the demonstrations do the talking and if you are interested, we will provide further information. Please make contact for a chat or to have a no obligation demonstration at a location of your preference.