The CR6000 is a space-efficient coin recycler that can handle any country coin set. With an integrated active cashbox that allows you to recycle multidenominations, together with four hoppers, you can now utilise all coins for use as change. With a minimum coin-in to coin-out height, the CR6000 is ADA and DDA compliant and is available for global coin sets. The CR6000 utilises field-proven coin transport modules and components to deliver a highly reliable coin recycling system which is based on over 40 years of currency handling expertise. Auto-jam detection and clearance functions mean the CR6000 can cope with most issues without the need for manual attendance.



  •  Compact consumer zone is ADA/DDA compliant
  • Validates up to 6 coins per second for customer convenience
  • Debris management flap maintains machine up-time
  • Automatic jam clearance maintains machine up-time


  • Consistent first-time high acceptance rate helps shorten transaction time
  • Rotor disc moves coin through validator providing superior validation
  • Change paid out at same time as deposited coins are internally routed
  • Large escrow available
  • Bulk coin input door to rapidly fill or refresh system with coins


  • Accept and dispense non-hopper coins – allowing you to recycle multi-denominations
  • Reduces cashbox / hopper visits to provide an excellent return on investment
  • Large capacity equivalent to 1,200 €1 coins maintains machine up-time
  • Primes 6 random coins for fast payout, helps to reduce transaction time and hopper use
  • Intelligent coin management solution prevents payout delays


  • Utilises Mini-Universal Hoppers, a globallytrusted and field-proven product
  • Large capacity equivalent to 600 €1 coins per hopper
  • Modular setup allows hopper changes, allowing field upgrades for ongoing needs
  • Closed-loop self-audit of hoppers; empty, count, verify and re-load hoppers


  • Industry-standard protocol of ccTalk over USB Connectivity
  • Eight status LEDs for ease of ongoing maintenance
  • Remote firmware update for ease of ongoing maintenance
  • Remote coin set update


Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
  •  482mm x 238mm x 531mm
  •  All world currencies

Validation speed

  • Up to 6 coins per second
Operating Environment
  • 0°C to +60°C (+32°F to +140°F) Inside host machine
Inlet width
  • Up to 83 mm. Universal – fits all accepted notes
Power supply voltage
  • 24 Volts DC +/- 10%

Protocol / interface

  • ccTalk over USB