CashCode BNL

The CashCode Bulk Note Loader (BNL) does more than just accept a bundle of bills at a time. It uses advanced note validating technology with the added benefit of increasing productivity by accepting up to 45 bills* at once. BNL contains high-tech features in its validating head and is the fastest way to validate and stack bills in your banking or redemption kiosk application.

Additionally, OEMs such as drop safe manufactures have incorporated the BNL as a stand-alone device working with various custom cash collection devices such as large capacity vaults and/or cash bags.

*varies by country


Efficient and convenient, fixed-width loader popular in Retail Safe and Kiosk applications in Europe, South Africa and US offers a transaction speed of less than 1 second per bill

Flexible in design as the BNL can be used as a stackerless, stand-alone banknote validator or paired with the popular 3000-note cashbox for high volume applications such as redemption kiosks

Load it up – Customers can place a stack of bank notes in the loader at one time rather than feeding them in one by one for a quicker and smoother customer service

Secondary path is utilized if a suspect banknote is encountered, the suspect note  must be removed before feeding-in continues improving profitability with only valid banknotes


Note Speed
  •  Validation speed up to less than one second per note
Note Insertion
  •  4-way
Operating Voltage (V)
  •  12 V DC +/- 2.5%, 5 V DC +/- 3%



3000 Note cassette with modified chassis