Cognitronics Intelligent Classification Solution

What can ‘Intelligent Classification’ do for me?

Cognitronics can offer you a solution to automate your Document Classification Process by using Intelligent Software to recognise a document, and then deploy specific rules by which to classify that document. Our experience tells us that in some cases where classification is undertaken by a human, the classification process can take over 50 seconds per [...]

What can ‘Intelligent Classification’ do for me?2014-12-08T11:14:03+00:00

Can I Configure the system myself?

Yes. The system is User Configurable where the User can identify key words, key phrases, logo's etc in order to determine the document type. In addition, if required, data can also be extracted from a document to provide an index for later retrieval purposes. In more complex cases, script may be used to totally customise [...]

Can I Configure the system myself?2015-01-20T11:04:42+00:00
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