SCR Advance

Stemming from its roots in Gaming, having the ability to facilitate payout in banknotes, instead of coins, just makes sense. Eliminating hopper starvation improves machine uptime and player satisfaction. Fortunately, the compact footprint of the SCR Advance™ banknote recycler makes it an ideal choice for many applications beyond Gaming including kiosks, ticket vending machines and self-checkout counters.

The costs associated with cash management can have a dramatic impact on profitability. The SCR Advance banknote recycler addresses this concern providing a more efficient way to accept, process and handle cash payments at speeds which will improve customer satisfaction.


Cash recycling recycles cash in the machine for use as change to the next customer, reducing the amount of coins in your customer’s pockets

High security modules offer a specialized inventory management system for cash stored in the recyclers and “door open” detection that ensures complete note accountability even in a powered down state eliminating the risk of theft

Compact footprint allows easy fitment into new or existing access and revenue control equipment

Minimal cost of ownership as this unit is much less expensive to install than traditional cash payment solutions,

Internal sensors monitor the volume of cash and notify managers when the unit is full, thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of having staff visit machines daily to collect cash


Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
  •  518mm x 114mm x 236mm
Note validation
  •  62mm – 83 mm Width
  •  120mm–166mm Length
Interfaces Supported
  •  RS232, USB
Denominations Recycled
  •  Up to 4 (MDR version)
Maximum Stacking Capacity
  •  600, 1200 in drop cassette
Recycling Cassette Capacity
  •  60 + 60
Operating Temperature
  •  0°C – 60°C
Firmware Updates
  •  USB, Protocol
  •  CE, EN60335-1, EN60335-2-82, EN 55022, IEC61000-4-3, BS EN 55024, BS EN50581
Acceptance Rate
  •  98% or higher
Operating Voltage (V)
  •  24 V DC +10%
  •  Universal, Gaming platform, Retail platform, Coin resistant
Validation Sensors
  •  6 wavelength optical, cross-channel
Note Insertion
  •  4-way


SCR Mixed Denomination Recycling (MDR)

The SCR Advance Mixed Denomination recycler offers the ability to securely store and dispense three or even four denominations for customers using two recycler drum technology.

Thanks to advanced sensors and note tracking systems, this MRD model delivers cash movement total control for OEM applications without sacrificing note-to-note speed. The mixed denomination recycling feature is fully configurable via a protocol which provides exceptional freedom for customer’s developing their cash management systems.

SCR Advance Multi-Note-Escrow (MNE)

The new MNE feature opens a new range of applications. Speed, high security, and product reliability with the capacity to store notes in Escrow for unattended customer-facing applications such as ticket vending machines, bill payment kiosks, or even retail pay stations.

SCR Single Note Escrow (SNE)

The base model of the SCR Advance banknote recycler offers two-denomination recycling as a Single Note Escrow (SNE) device. Fast and secure cash transactions in a small compact two denomination recycler providing high reliability, acceptance rate and best performance versus same class competitors.



STS provides operators with the most flexibility and control over machines that have been enhanced with CashFlow products. It supports a full range of configuration and software update functions with user-friendly software and handheld tools so you can:

  • Reconfigure for new/multiple currency software and configuration data
  • Monitor the performance of your CashFlow field base
  • Collect unit performance and report audit data
  • Supports PPM and PPM Advance

STS is designed for use with minimal training so you can meet your unique support needs quickly and easily.

PPM Advance

MEI PPM Advance (portable programming module) gives you complete control of your financial payment terminals. It provides enhanced features that you can configure and control to meet your unique support needs. The next generation, which features a display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, will make the PPM Advance a more powerful tool – further lowering cost of ownership associated with MEI products.