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What can ‘Intelligent Classification’ do for me?2014-12-08T11:14:03+00:00

Cognitronics can offer you a solution to automate your Document Classification Process by using Intelligent Software to recognise a document, and then deploy specific rules by which to classify that document. Our experience tells us that in some cases where classification is undertaken by a human, the classification process can take over 50 seconds per document. Our solution can automate the classification process and can eliminate manual intervention. In cases where a clear classification is not possible the system will present the operator with a dropdown list of most likely alternatives for manual selection which in this case will reduce the processing time to approximately 10 seconds. Either way, classification time is significantly reduced in every case.

Can I Configure the system myself?2015-01-20T11:04:42+00:00

Yes. The system is User Configurable where the User can identify key words, key phrases, logo’s etc in order to determine the document type. In addition, if required, data can also be extracted from a document to provide an index for later retrieval purposes. In more complex cases, script may be used to totally customise and rationalise business rules.

Documents are fine. What about Email, Fax’s, Pdf’s etc?2015-01-20T11:07:55+00:00

Email, Email attachments, Fax’s, Pdf’s, Document Images etc can all be imported into the Intelligent Classification Solution. At this point rules can be applied in a uniform way to identify a workflow for these inputs to be placed into, either for archive or for onward processing.

What happens to documents that cannot be classified?2015-01-20T11:07:36+00:00

Documents that cannot be classified are placed in an exception category and will be available for manual operator intervention. These will tend to be handwritten letters or documents that are of poor quality. On some occasions defined business rules may have caused a conflict, however in such events the operator will be prompted to select the correct document classification from a dropdown list of the next most likely alternatives.

Is there any restriction on the number of documents the system can handle?2015-01-20T11:07:11+00:00

No. The solution is completely scaleable and, in the case of very high volumes, can employ multiple recognition engines to match configuration requirements. The software runs on industry standard network infrastructure however, some consideration has to be given to PC/Server specification dependant on the document volume.

Can I set up my own archive criteria?2015-01-20T11:06:52+00:00

Yes of course. Within the system set up is the ability to create cabinets for each document type/s. This has all been designed with the User in mind. So, from introduction of any new document or suite of documents a User can usually add and classify these documents without delay or additional expense.

Where do I get my support from?2017-07-12T15:51:45+01:00

Cognitronics are a UK based privately owned company established since 1977. We have a reputation for excellence in support which extends over 35 years of supplying bespoke system solutions. Our offices are based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire and our technicians are always available for support during normal office hours.

Why Cognitronics?2015-01-20T11:06:10+00:00

Cognitronics have always supplied niche products into niche markets and in our Intelligent Classification Solution we have developed a product which genuinely saves time, effort and money and is focused on improving efficiency and accuracy. This product is unique and developed by our in-house development team based on real User input. Our business is Data Capture, our expertise is how to manage that captured data to best effect.

How do I find out more?2024-03-27T11:50:21+00:00

Arrange a demonstration at your convenience. Your place or ours we will be pleased to provide an in depth real time demonstration of processes that we believe will streamline your business and improve efficiency.

Call Cognitronics on 00 44 (0)1909 477272

Fax: 00 44 (0)1909 486260

Email: enquiries@cognitronics.co.uk

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