CashFlow 7000

The MEI® CF 7000 has been the reliable choice in over 1 million operator installations since its release. The industry’s first coin manager goes beyond just accepting and dispensing coins, it helps operators make smarter decisions. Unique tracking and diagnostic capabilities give operators the tools and business information they need to better manage their cash and increase profits.

The MEI CashFlow® 7000 provides a low cost of ownership to operators because it is a low maintenance device that’s built to last and perform.


Intuitive Cash Management system optimizes payments knowing what cash is on hand so it knows how best to make change

Audit Data on your coin changer and bill validator can be viewed from the Smart Menu

Smart Menu simplifies training and is available in 11 languages

Self-Diagnostics and troubleshooting tips are clearly seen on the LED display

Modular Design allows drivers to change out tubes in field if necessary or clear debris on-site without tools


Coin Payout
  •  5 coins,
Coin Diameter
  •  Coins 15mm – 28.5mm in diameter
Coin Thickness
  •  Coins 1.5mm – 3.3mm thick
Input speed
  •  3 coins per second
Output Speed
  •  2 coins per second
Interfaces Supported
  •  Serial: MDB, MDB + Executive, MDB + BDV, JVI/VCCI, USB, Executive
  •  Parallel: 4-price (via converter)
Operating Temperature
  •  -25°C to 60°C
Power Requirements
  •  12 V DC – 24 V DC = Executive, 34 V DC = MDB
Tube/coin Level Recognition System
  •  Acoustic, Sonar
Support Tools
  •  STS Software
  •  USB, IrDA, Bluetooth





STS provides operators with the most flexibility and control over machines that have been enhanced with CashFlow products. It supports a full range of configuration and software update functions with user-friendly software and handheld tools so you can:

  • Reconfigure for new/multiple currency software and configuration data
  • Monitor the performance of your CashFlow field base
  • Collect unit performance and report audit data
  • Supports PPM and PPM Advance

STS is designed for use with minimal training so you can meet your unique support needs quickly and easily.