Installing a T-Flex® coin dispenser can save between 5 to 8 seconds off of each transaction leading to faster throughput and increased profits. This coin dispenser leads the market in simplicity when it comes to training employees and change is automatically calculated based on the commands from the existing Point of Sale system making cashier errors become a thing of the past. T-Flex is perfect for many types of cash-heavy businesses such as QSRs, drive-through windows, and convenience stores.

Improve operational efficiency, spend less time counting coin, and make shift change over quick and simple with the T-Flex Coin Dispenser. Ideal for financial services applications like Teller Assist Units.


Dispense change in under 2 seconds, save 5 to 8 seconds per cash transaction are just a couple ways to dramatically improve speed of service and customer throughput

Improve speed of service by up to 15%, serving more customers faster eliminates bottlenecks at the till waiting for change

Safeguarding against shrink and improving accuracy reduces shortages after each shift

Faster than the cashier, dispensing 6 coins per second

High capacity, removable coin canister has substantial capacity—up to 200 transactions


Coin Speed (coin/s)
  •  Dispenses coin in under 2 seconds
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
  •  368.30 x 247.65 x 165.10 (with canister, without cup)
Coin capacity
  •  $111.42 USD
  •  $506.30 CAD
  •  £254.00
  •  €285.00 to €410.00 Euro (3 different canisters)
  •  Exterior cabinet included
Interfaces supported
  •  RS232 serial port
  •  USB connectivity
Power requirements
  •  32 V DC, 4 Amps maximum, Power consumption 70 W
  •  CE, UL, CUL listed, IEC 60950-1, CB REPORT, FCC, ICES-003, RoHS


Dual Dispense Option

Innovative Dual Dispense capability dispenses coin into two separate coin cups, servicing two cashiers or bank tellers with one device, reducing equipment costs.


  • Coin Capacity:
    • $111.42 USD
    • $506.30 CAD
    • £254 to £361 UK (4 different canisters)
    • €285 to €410 Euro (3 different canisters)
    • Worldwide currencies supported (Link to .pdf with Map)
  • Transaction Capacity: Filled coin canister supports up to 240 cash transactions
  • Tracking: Built-in ability to accumulate coin dispense history in non-volatile memory
  • Communications: Controlled by two separate POS or teller stations
  • Dimensions: 368.30 x 247.65 x 165.10 (H x W x D in mm) with canister
  • Weight: 11.85 lbs (with canister, no coin)
  • Power: 32 Volt DC, 4 amps max
  • External Power Supply: 100 to 240 V AC, 50 or 60 Hz input, 32vDC output


Calibration Strips

Calibration strips assist you in determining the amount of coins in a canister.  If they are removed or become damaged, additional calibration strips can be provided.

Mounting Brackets (T-Flex)

There are a variety of mounting options for the T-Flex.  Please contact sales for assistance.

Black Overlay Cover

Present a Clean and Sleek look to your T-Flex

This new cover will improve the image of your front counter and:

  • Present a clean and sleek look by concealing the dirt and grime that builds up over time
  • Cover up the amount of coin in the canister, reducing the risk of theft
  • Provide a place to add decals for special promotions or just reminders to the customer to take their change


Multiple coin canisters available dependent on your coin requirements.

Canister Loading Device

Recognizing that time is money, the Canister Loading Device (CLD) for the T-Flex dramatically reduces the time required to load each canister. Presently, the loading mechanism is available for US, UK and Euro standard canisters.


  • Appearance: Precision-molded, polycarbonate construction
  • Efficient coin loading: Simply adjust the molded funnel device over the desired coin column and drop in that denomination of coin; accommodates bagged or loose coin.
  • International: Available for US, UK and Euro coin sets
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D in mm) 513.07 x 294.64 x 160.01

Load-in-Lane Canister

The Load-in-Lane canister has all the features of our standard canister, but also allows you to manually replenish coins directly from the cash drawer, offering maximum efficiency. Available for US, Canada, and the UK, this canister design minimizes the need for manager intervention to support a total refill. It is designed for top filling a few coins at a time – not for bulk coin loading.

  • Design: Appropriate holes in the cover allow coin to be easily top-filled manually
  • Efficient use of coin inventory: At the cashier’s convenience, coins can easily be dropped into the canister to replenish from the till.

Easier and faster shift cash out: By top filling the canister throughout the shift, there is less coin in the cash drawer.  At the end of a shift, many customers fill the canister with all the coins in the till; then you just read the calibration strips – no need to count out all the coins

Cups – Speed cup

Speed Cup (left only)

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Trap door style cup drops coin into coin
  • Optimizes Drive Thru operations

Cups – Bowl cups

Additional bowl cups (right or left)