Compact Hopper

The Compact Hopper is a high capacity coin hopper with a small footprint. The Compact range offers high security and high speed for single denominations. Compact hoppers can be found all over the world in a wide range of applications such as: amusements, ticketing, banking (ATMs), post offices and specialist-vending markets.

This flexible and reliable hopper delivers coins at a pay-out rate of up to 8 coins per second in ‘single’ or ‘stream’ mode – maximizing the efficiency of machines.


High Performance

8 coins per second payout

Flexible integration through a wide range of configuration options

4 Bowl Types: standard, extended, high capacity, square bowl and base model

Range of interchangeable discs to suit all geographic regions and coin sizes

High reliability and maximum uptime

Auto-reverse Function for jam clearance without attendant intervention

Field-proven reliability with over 1 million units sold worldwide

High Security

Multiple Optical Sensors and stealth light guide provide excellent fraud discrimination and the highest levels


Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
  •  Standard bowl 150mm x 85mm x 145mm. See variants for other dimensions.
Coin Processing
Coin Capacity
  •  Standard bowl: 280 x €1
  •  Standard bowl: 260 x £1
  •  Standard bowl: 370 x US 25¢
Cascading Functionality
  •  Not available
Coin Payout
  •  Stream mode: 6 to 8 coins per second.
  •  Single mode: 2 coins per second.
Interfaces Supported
  •  Casino Standard Parallel
  •  ccTalk serial (RS232-based)
Operating Temperature
  •  0°C to 60°C
Operating Voltage (V)
  •  Parallel 12V
  •  Parallel 24V
  •  Serial 24V



Extended bowl

High Capacity

High Capacity, 1 extension

Square bowl and base, no extension

Square bowl and base, 1 extension

Square bowl and base, 2 extensions