v² pelicano™

CPI has introduced a bulk coin solution that combines both bulk coin input and coin validation in one product – saving space and integration costs for manufacturers by merging two systems into one. Additionally an acceptance speed of up to 4 coins per second while inserting 20 different coins at the same time makes applications faster and more profitable.

The NRI® v² pelicano™ offers a two-in-one solution for machine manufacturers where bulk coin input is required such as change machines, self-serve kiosk, or toll and fare collection applications.


Auto-maintenance function removes all foreign objects when opening the trash reject flap after each transaction upon machine request keeps machine running in top –notch order

Unique MFT™ Multi-Frequency Technology provides the industry’s leading security ensuring only valid coins are deposited

Optimal input capacity of up to 20 mixed coins at the same time, while separating and accepting up to 16 different coin denominations speeds up queues

Adjustable acceptance speed of up to 4 coins per second and optional interface for 3-way high-speed sorter puts the operator in control

Utilizing heartbeat PC application for extensive device & coin configurations as well as uploads minimizing downtime right in the field

Certified by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)


Coin Insertion
  •  Bulk coin, top entry
Coin Speed (coin/s)
  •  Up to 4 coins per second
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
  •  Dimensions (HxWxD) 141.2mm x 126.5mm x 131.7mm (133.6 min. with open trash reject flap)
Industry Format
  •  N/A
Coin Sorting
  •  Optional / external 3-way high-speed sorter with mounting bracket
Operating Temperature
  •  0°C up to 60°C
Coin Processing
  •  16 coins max. in 24 channels
  •  Diameter: 15mm – 32.7mm (depending on payout disc)
  •  Thickness: 1.0mm – 3.3mm (other coin sizes on request)
Front Plate
  •  N/A
Interfaces Supported
  •  Serial: ccTalk
Supply Voltage
  •  12 V DC to 24 V DC ±10%


Sorter Interfaces
  • without s² HSD 3000 sorter interface (standard)
  • with s² HSD 3000 sorter interface


Test Tools (v² pelicano)

  • ccTalk DemoPC application for testing coin acceptance of ccTalk coin validators
  • WinSPT PC application for testing coin acceptance and interfaces of serial coin payment systems

System Integrators (v² pelicano)

  • ccTalk RS-232 converter
  • ccTalk USB converter
  • 24V power pack
  • ccTalk Demo PC application for testing v²pelicano PC functions
  • Virtual COM port driver for USB operation
  • 10-pole ccTalk ribbon cable, 400mm

Firmware Update Tools (v² pelicano)

CXFlash PC application for back-office uploads

Configuration Tools (v² pelicano)

heartbeat PC application for detailed back-office configuration

Sorter (v² pelicano)

s2 HSD-3000 3-way, high-speed sorter

ccTalk Demo PC Application (Pelicano)

For testing v² pelicano PC functions

Payout Discs

Depending on the diameter of the coins to be handled, the v² pelicano is available with different payout discs:

  • Disc 1 for 15 – 26.9mm coins
  • Disc 2 for 16 – 28.8mm coins
  • Disc 3 for 17 – 31mm coins

Disc 4 for 18 – 32.7mm coins