SC Advance™

Featuring enhanced recognition technology, faster note-to-note speed, and improved barcode recognition, the MEI® SC Advance™ offers a variety of cashbox options to ensure best fit. Additional product enhancements can add functionality to this banknote validator resulting in tailored solutions for gaming, retail, financial service, or parking applications.

The SC Advance offers a lower cost of ownership with its reliable, field proven technology. Low jam rates and exceptional performance create more machine up-time resulting in higher revenue and increased user satisfaction. Ideal for financial services applications like Account Opening Kiosks, Currency Exchange Machines, Bitcoin Teller Machines, and Postal Kiosks.


High note acceptance at 98%+ on the first insertion and under 2.5 seconds to stack improves customer satisfaction

Advance acceptance and security contributes to higher overall acceptance for legal banknotes while increasing security against fraudulent banknotes

Sealed banknote path protects validator head from fluid and dust significantly reducing the risk of jams

Flexible design offers a variety of options for bezels, cashbox capacity and note widths

Minimal cost of ownership when customized with a variety of variants, interfaces, support tools, and accessories


Industry Format
  • Frontload, Downstacker
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
  • 303mm x 114mm x 229mm with 600 note cashbox
Note Validation
  • Note width: 62mm – 85mm
  • Note length: 120mm – 177mm
Interfaces Supported
  • RS232, USB, RS485, Opto-Isolated RS232
Operating Temperature
  • 0°C to +60°C
Firmware Updates
  • STS, PPM or remote downloadable
Note Acceptance Speed
  • 2.3 seconds
  • 4 kgs
  • CE, UL 756, IEC 60950-1, CB REPORT, FCC, ICES-003 & R
  • IEC 60068-2-32:1 meter operational
Power Requirements
  • 12 V DC – 28 V DC
  • BNF, Universal, Coin resistant, others
Acceptance Rate
  • 98% or higher
Note Insertion
  • 4-way
Barcode Ticket Insertion
  • 4-way
Validation Sensors
  • Info needed


SC cashbox sizes

Several cashbox sizes provide the flexibility you need when you require additional capacity between armored car service pickups:

  • SC stores up to 600 notes
  • SCM stores up to 900 notes
  • SCL stores up to 1,200 notes
  • SCXL stores up to 2,200 notes
SE Advance

SC Advance is also now available without a cashbox for applications that draw even higher note volumes or already have an integrated cashbox.


The SC Advance Enduro™ banknote validator is fortified with all-steel bearing hardware in the validator head and cashbox stacker. The SC Advance Enduro bill acceptor is specifically designed for environments where humidity, temperature, vibration and dusty operating conditions require a more robust solution for excellent performance.



EASITRAX Soft Count offers a faster, more efficient way to validate revenue, manage cash drops and monitor the performance of your slot machines, even if they reside at multiple locations. The integrated software/hardware system works by collecting data from your SC Advance note acceptors and making that information securely accessible in a single database. Now, EASITRAX is available as a portal based system that allows operators to create customized reports and track performance remotely


STS provides operators with the most flexibility and control over machines that have been enhanced with CashFlow products. It supports a full range of configuration and software update functions with user-friendly software and handheld tools so you can:

  • Reconfigure for new/multiple currency software and configuration data
  • Monitor the performance of your CashFlow field base
  • Collect unit performance and report audit data
  • Supports PPM and PPM Advance

STS is designed for use with minimal training so you can meet your unique support needs quickly and easily.

PPM Advance

MEI PPM Advance (portable programming module) gives you complete control of your financial payment terminals. It provides enhanced features that you can configure and control to meet your unique support needs. The next generation, which features a display screen and Bluetooth connectivity, will make the PPM Advance a more powerful tool – further lowering cost of ownership associated with MEI products.

Bunch Note Feeder

The Bunch Note Feeder (BNF) drives efficiency, reducing queue lines and expanding customer throughput. It uses friction-based technology to reliably feed a bundle of up to 30 notes into SC Advance. Because employees no longer have to feed each note individually, the BNF saves 1.5 minutes each time a stack of 30 notes is inserted into the machine – that’s a 35% processing speed improvement from the SC Advance single note feed.