The NRI® G-13™ is the market leading 3.5″ coin validator, setting the standards with its unique mft validation technology. This popular coin validator is highly flexible in its application range thanks to various models, interfaces and sorters offered. Used in applications ranging from AWP and slot machines to carwash and laundry mats, the G.13 is well suited with anti-stringing protection and protocol encryption for high manipulation security wherever it is needed.

CPI customers across the globe can attest to the resilience of this coin validator and it proven track record of being flexible in nature yet secure in validation.


High security validator using unique Multi-Frequency Technology (MFT), protection against string manipulation and optical monitoring of the coin path.

Versatile interfaces and sorting options make it appealing to a variety of applications.

Flexible design and teach options available such as inhibiting single or group coins/tokens, currency updates and configuration uploads.


Coin Insertion
  •  Single coin, top or front entry
Coin Speed (coin/s)
  •  2 – 6 Coins per second
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
  •  Dimensions (HxWxD) 102mm x 89mm x 52mm
Industry Format
  •  3.5 inch
Coin Sorting
  •  Optional / external 3-way
Operating Temperature
  •  -25°C to +70°C
Coin Processing
  •  32 coins max. in 2 x 16 or 1 x 32 channels
  •  Coin Diameter: 15 – 31.5mm (optional up to 32.5mm)
  •  Coin Thickness: 1.5 – 2.5mm (optional up to 3.3mm)
Front Plate
  •  Available for front entry
Interfaces Supported
  • Parallel: Standard version
  • Parallel: SGI 16/49/46/62/33/80/100 versions as Simple Gaming Interface
  • Parallel: Casino version for high-speed coin acceptance
  • Parallel: AMU version for AWP Spain
  • Parallel: With totalizer function as 1/2-price totalizer, Timer, TV totalizer
  • Parallel: BDTA-compatible 16-pole interfaces
  • Parallel: ECV-totalizer
  • Serial: ccTalk, also in combination with USB
  • Serial: MDB and S1
Supply Voltage
  •  10 V DC – 27 V DC ±10%, Optional: 10 V DC – 48 V DC


Coin Entry and Outlet
  • Top entry or front entry versions
  • MIDI or MINI front plate
  • Reversed coin outlet for top entry version
Dimensions (mm)
  •  Dimensions (HxWxD) 50mm x 100mm x 200mm
Wake-up Sensor for G-13.mft

For low power applications:

  • Internal wake-up sensor
  • Front plate with integrated wake-up sensor
Dimensions (mm)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 25mm x 150mm x 50mm


Firmware Upload Tools (G-13)

  • Mobile HENRI+ service tool for on-site uploads
  • WinFlash2 PC application for back-office uploads

Configuration Tools (G-13)

  • Mobile HENRI+ service tool for on-site configuration uploads
  • WinEMP PC application for back-office detail configuration
  • WinEMP.dll program library for remote configuration uploads over host

Test Tools (G-13)

  • ccTalk Demo PC application for testing coin acceptance of G-13.mft ccTalk
  • WinSPT PC application for testing coin acceptance and interfaces of serial G-13.mft

System Integrators (G-13)

  • i2 Mini Hub
  • USB/RS-232 adapters for G-13.mft ccTalk
  • MDB converter
  • Converter to connect a parallel G-13.mft to other payment system control boards
  • a² long channel coin changer housing
  • 5“ housing
  • Payment Manager program library for serial coin validators
  • NRIHIDAPI.dll program library for serial coin validators


e² escrow for coin collection and deflection to cashbox or return area

Sorters (G-13)

  • s² SSD 3-way standard sorters
  • s² HSD 3-way high-speed sorter with optional frame

Front Plates for G-13.mft

  • MIDI front plate (155 x 63mm)
  • MINI front plate (120 x 60mm)

ccTalk Demo PC Application (G-13)

For testing coin validation

Manipulation Protection

Sensor for increased protection against manipulation in coin outlet area